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Sport career

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  2. TEXT 8. Sport

There are many kinds of sports now. They may be traditional or modern, competitive or non - competitive, they can require some special equipment and it may be very dangerous… Practicing sport activity, you have to do training sessions, take part in competitions. Sometimes you may have injuries during your sports.

At first, you must remember that you should begin to go in for sports as early as possible. This phrase doesn’t mean to start your sport carrier at the age of two, of course, but if you want to devote your life to sport you must do it at 5 or 6.

Don’t forget that young athletes live under great pressure - competitions, crowds of fans, daily training sessions; it is very hard to start training. It is very dangerous to begin when you are not strong and old enough to survive under these conditions. But you should remember that you can begin growing roses at the age of 50 and become a famous gardener as a result, but it is impossible to begin practicing swimming at the age of 50 and to become the best swimmer or winner.

Usually, we tried sport activities at school. If we find training more exiting, we shall begin working harder and harder. If we are lucky and success, we shall have an excellent coach or a trainer and work hard. Sometimes hard training sessions will bring good results sooner or later. And that is the start of your sport career. You should like it a lot and feel comfortable when you do your sport career. We wish you good luck in it.




to require требовать
special equipment специальное оборудование
dangerous опасный
to do training sessions выполнять тренировочные сессии
injury увечье, ушиб
pressure давление
to survive выживать
excellent coach отличный тренер


1. Закончите предложения, с опорой на текст.

1) The most popular kinds of sports are … .

2) The sportsmen took part in … abroad.

3) A lot of spectators all over the world spend much time … .

4) They enjoy training and … .

5) Young athletes live under … .

2. Ответьте на следующие вопросы

1) What do you need to be a good athlete?

2) When do athletes begin their career?

3) What do athletes usually do?

4) Why do they enjoy international contests?

5) What do you like in sports competitions?

6) What kind of sports contests do you like to watch?

3. Подберите антонимы к следующим прилагательным, помните о словообразовательных префиксах:(- un, - in, - im, - ir, - non), которые используются для образования противоположного значения прилагательного или его качества.

- un - 1) important

2) happy

3) comfortable

- im - 4) possible

5) moral

- non - 6) governmental

7) persistent

- ir - 8) regular

9) rational

- in - 10) dependent

4. Образуйте прилагательные от следующих слов, используя словообразовательные суффиксы: - able, - ful, -ant, - ing, - ent, - ous, - al, - ed, - ish.

Например, value-valuable

care -…, distance-…, use-…, interest-…, culture-…, talent-…, fame-…, depend-…, agriculture-…, Poland-….

5. Употребите следующие предложения в прошедшем времени.

1) Sport is popular in our country.

2) My friend goes in for sports.

3) I watch TV sport programs.

4) Many international competitions take place in Moscow.

5) My friend is a champion in wrestling.

6. Образуйте прилагательные от следующих слов по образцу.

Образец: care-careful-careless

Use, hope, truth, beauty, rain, harm, colour, thought, meaning, power, tune, delight.


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