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Сложное дополнение после каузативных глаголов

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Сложное дополнение может стоять после так называемых каузативных глаголов (от лат. сausa = причина) to cause – вызывать, являться причиной того, что; to make – заставлять; to permit, to allow –позволять; to enable – давать возможность; to let – позволять, разрешать.

Примеры: The sound pressure makes the pressure on the granules vary – давление звука заставляет давление на гранулах изменяться.

Keying the number in on a telephone causes the pager to beep – набор номера по телефону вызывает звонок пейджера.

Обратите внимание на то, что если английский инфинитив имеет форму страдательного залога (типа to be used), то обычно приходится изменять порядок слов: сначала перевести инфинитив (формой действительного залога), а потом существительное.

Пример: The new method permitted ǀ these phenomena to be investigated ǀ thoroughly – новый метод позволил тщательно исследовать эти явления.

Упр. 42. Прочтите и переведите следующие предложения:

1. Variable current makes the diaphragm vibrate. 2. The inductance in a circuit causes the rise and fall of current to produce a voltage in the same circuit. 3. This force causes the electrons to be attracted to the cathode. 4. Bluetooth, a technology standard, allows digital devices to connect wirelessly. 5. A spreadsheet is a piece of software which allows data to be displayed and managed in a table format. 6. Word is great because it allows making text files easily. 7. UNIX provides multitasking, which allows simultaneous programs to be shared by several users at one time. 8. The decrease in the weight of the structure of airplane enables more passengers to be carried. 9. The technique permitted problems to be solved. 10. The pulse method enables thermodynamic equation to be formulated in a simple manner. 11. This sequence causes digitized images to be stored in core memory. 12. High temperatures allowed the reaction to be carried out in two hours. 13. Digital television enables viewers to interact with the content and provide feedback to the programmer via telephone line, cable or satellite. 14. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) allows sensors in warehouse to monitor deliveries. 15. The power of the modern microcomputer enables it to be used for all kinds of tasks. 16. The business lets customers manage their sales data. 17. App Engine lets users run custom applications. 18. Let us consider this question. 19. Let us imagine that this new model of computer has come on the market. 20. Different kinds of parallel processing software may permit synchronization to be achieved.


2. Перевод придаточных дополнительных предложений с союзами «whether» и «if».

Перевод придаточных дополнительных предложений с союзом «whether» и «if» следует начинать со сказуемого с добавлением частицы «ли».

Пример: Franklin did not know whether current flows from the positive or negative terminal –Франклин не знал, течет ли ток от положительной или отрицательной клеммы.

Упр. 43. Прочтите и переведите следующие предложения:

1. Employees are deciding whether to accept the offer. 2. How do I test whether Java is working on my computer? 3. It is necessary to decide whether this statement is true or false. 4. We do not know whether the universe as a whole is finite or infinite in extent – either in space or* in time. 5. We failed to discover whether data is available. 6. Check whether you can access other Web pages? 7. Thus it would be of great importance for us to know whether the manufacturer`s claims are actually true. 8. West Africa geophysicists carried out surveys to see whether there were any oil reservoirs underground. 9. We try to learn if the value is changeable.


Упр. 44. Прочтите и переведите бессоюзные придаточные дополнительные предложения:

1. It was stated the conclusion was right. 2. Dave Wells said the new office only needed satellite phones. 3. The approach means it is virtually impossible for the entire Net to crash at once. 4. Greg says he will check her network card with a ping test. 5. Microsoft believes cloud computing is a transformational technology that offers huge opportunities for firms and their customers.


Упр. 45. Прочтите и переведите текст, обращая внимание на перевод конструкции «сложное дополнение»:

Men of science consider Lobachevsky to be a great mathematician. The whole world knows Lobachevsky to have strictly demonstrated and explained the principles of the theory of parallel lines. We consider him to be a great organizer of popular education, and we know him to have written much on the problems of education.

Lobachevsky was born on December 1, 1792 near Nizhny Novgorod. His father died when he was only a child, leaving his family in extreme poverty. The family moved to Kazan where Lobachevsky was admitted to the gymnasium. We know his progress to have been extremely rapid in mathematics and classics. At the age of 14 he entered the University of Kazan where he is known to have spent 40 years as a student, assistant professor, and finally rector. Under his direction great improvements were made at the University. We know an observatory to have been founded and equipped and a mechanical workshop to have been established.

For 2200 years all the mankind believed Euclid to have discovered an absolute truth. Lobachevsky proved Euclid`s axiom on parallel lines not to be true. He built a new geometrical theory quite different from that of Euclid. We know his ideas to have greatly influenced not only geometry, but mechanics, physics, astronomy as well. Like Galileo, Copernicus and Newton he is one of those who laid the foundation of science.


Упр. 46. Прочтите и переведите текст, обращая внимание на перевод различного рода дополнений:

Telephone Problems


Though we expect telephone to have convenience and speed it also has the power to convey a poor impression of the efficiency of individuals and organizations and create confusion and irritation.

Telephone firms encourage customers to make telephone calls as they seem cheaper than sending a letter. Many organizations calculate that the average cost of sending a letter is about £ 25, which allows the customers to buy a lot of telephone time even at current rates. But telephone calls do not necessarily save time – and in business time is money. We have all suffered from the irritating waste of time caused by bad telephone manners. Sometimes to make a call takes us longer time than it takes to write or dictate a letter.

Perhaps the principal cause of the telephone inefficiency is that although the standard telephone allows a customer to perform oral communication, it doesn`t yet transmit visual communication. Facial expression, gestures and posture not only help people convey the real meaning of words, but are often the principal means of feedback in face-to-face conversation. They allow misunderstandings to be instantly corrected. Without visual communication we expect such typical problems as missed words, misheard words, misunderstood words to occur.




Определение член предложения, которое определяет существительное. Определение отвечает на вопросы какой?, который? и может стоять как слева, так и справа от определяемого существительного, образуя с ним группу существительного.


1. Перевод существительного с левыми определениями.

1.1. Левые определения, представленные одним или несколькими существительными.

В научно – технической литературе широко используются определения, представленные одним или несколькими существительными, стоящими перед определяемым словом (так называемые «цепочки»). Определения могут состоять также из существительных в сочетании с прилагательным, причастием, герундием или числительным.

Перевод терминологических словосочетаний (цепочек) на русский язык следует начинать с последнего слова, т.е. с определяемого существительного. Остальные компоненты цепочки переводятся существительными в родительном падеже, прилагательными или существительными с предлогами. Иногда требуется подобрать русский термин, принятый в данной области.

Примеры: process control – управление процессом; control process - процесс управления; semiconductor device – полупроводниковое устройство; reduction cost - затраты на уменьшение; delay line store – блок памяти с линией задержки; low power consumption – небольшое потребление энергии; fraud risks – риски, связанные с возможностью быть обманутым.

Упр. 47. Прочтите и переведите следующие словосочетания и предложения, обращая внимание на перевод «цепочек»:

a) Test operation, operation test, satellite dish, broadband speeds, cost reduction, power consumption, a bespoke solution, Internet access devices, data network providers, power consumption change, size reduction need, network management application, solid state storage device,high – speed computers, relatively cheaper source material, the cheapest source material,local exploration office, national fibre backbone, a user`s location, the world`s third largest telecom equipment manufacturer.

b) 1. Transistor performance was steadily improved. 2. All our customers need is a broadband pipe into our network cloud. 3. The geophysicists did not find evidence of underground oil reservoirs. 4. It should support our voice and email requirements. 5. In the mountains regions they are erecting point to point microwave towers. 6. High-performance servers require high performance network connection. 7. We have a ten-strong Application Implementation team. 8. This analysis provides a specification or Software Requirements Analysis.


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